Poblocki Sign Company LLC was asked by CYD Design to build the new sign that was installed atop the five-story octagonal tower of City Lights Brewing Company. In terms of a home run branding idea, this new potentially iconic sign is it. The letters for “City Lights” are 3 feet, 9 inches tall, illuminated with white LED bulbs.

“Thanks to Poblocki, the impact of this soon-to-be iconic sign goes far beyond the visibility to the 250,000 cars passing by each day,” stated Corey Zetts, executive director of Menomonee River Partners. “The City Lights sign is a welcoming beacon for a revitalized Valley, literally and metaphorically shining a light on the transformed Menomonee Valley.”

CYD Design worked with City Lights Brewing on all their branding and graphics. CYD designed the sign and asked Poblocki to manufacture and install it. City Lights Brewing is located in the former Milwaukee Gas Light Co. building. Due to the age and structure, engineering played a significant role in the development process. Unlike typical channel letters, the selected lettering are open face channel letters with individual LED bulbs. Poblocki’s in-house engineering staff developed a solution to create a massive steel structure which was anchored to a floor 20 feet below the roof.

“The stand-out sign is a great example of teamwork and collaboration.” said Mike Kinsella, Poblocki Senior Sales Consultant. “The biggest challenge for Poblocki was building a steel structure to support the sign because the existing roof wouldn’t have held a very large sign. We were given a design idea, and we engineered a great solution.”