Quarles & Brady LLP‘s rebranding required the removal and re-installation of the signage on the roof of their headquarters in Milwaukee. The amount of preparation, coordination, and collaboration was tremendous and made for a successful removal, fabrication, and installation by our dedicated team.

The Poblocki team removed two signs in three sections, six total helicopter picks, and had the same sections and picks for the installation. FAA regulations for the helicopter required a minimum of 100 ft clearance in all directions, no vehicular traffic, and no pedestrian traffic. In compliance with these regulations, our team closed seven streets, barricaded the streets with signage, and manned 12 strategic locations for safety. The HOP was briefly stopped and city busses rerouted, with notices issued to all surrounding businesses and neighbors.

With all of this coordination and preparation, the team celebrated a huge victory and with a helicopter!

The rebranding of Quarles & Brady to Quarles launches the brand into the future while honoring its 130-year history. Thank you for trusting Poblocki with your brand and legacy.

Watch the short video of the installation on our Youtube channel!