By Cindy Wendland from Poblocki Sign Company and Vince Cvijanovic from Graphic Components

We believe quality costs less and lasts longer. For us, quality is caring about all things – the big things and the little things. Poblocki is known for the quality signs that you see on high-rise buildings in Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Raleigh and Orlando. What we are not as well known for are interior signs – bathroom signs, directionals, ADA room signs.

interior signs of chemetal

We have been designing and fabricating signage since 1932 and are celebrating 90 years. In 1988, we added interior sign manufacturing to our wheelhouse. When we work on an exterior sign for our customers, we want to be a one stop signage solution and provide the interior signs for their business too. We get just as excited by interior signs due to all the creative finishes and materials.

Interior Signs are a Work of Art

A big difference with interior signs is that people see them up close. On a high-rise sign or a monument, people drive by it or see it from a distance. We view an interior sign as a piece of art meant to be viewed up close. That’s how much we care (from an artistic viewpoint), and how much quality we put into it. We also partner with like-minded companies when we are at high levels of capacity to make sure we meet our deadlines. This allows us to move work through the pipeline quicker and also expands our finishing and fabrication capabilities. Vince Cvijanovic from Graphic Components is one of our key partners for interior signs. He and his company share our view of quality.

Graphic Components Team

There are so many options that can be combined to produce great interior signs. There is the consideration of material selection, colors, sizes, thicknesses, first surface, second surface, sub-surface, textures, mounting hardware and more. There is the consideration of high-touch, high-traffic areas and cleanliness which suggest a different format or sub-surface. There are branding considerations and cost considerations.

Signs Reflect Company Personality

Interior signs reflect the personality of the company or organization occupying the office space. Because visitors and prospective employees see and interact with interior signs to find their way around a facility, they get a positive or negative impression of the organization based on the quality of the signs. Quality is primarily indicated by:
• the care taken to design signs that are informative and ADA compliant
• the materials selected – high quality materials such as acrylics, metals, plastic laminates (e.g. Formica, Wilsonart) look better and last longer
• fit and finish of the completed signs

Interior signs include so many different types of signs such as vinyl privacy film, large format graphics, donor recognition walls, reception signage, room IDs, history walls, room schedulers, ADA code signage, digital directories and so much more. We encourage you to pay attention to the detail of the signs you see, and when you are building, remodeling, rebranding or updating, give us a call.

Do we offer interior signs? You bet we do. Contact us to show you quality solutions.