Exterior signage for Universal Health Services in the Southeast
Exterior channel letters for Henderson Hospital a Universal Health Services in
Exterior directional sign for UHS Texoma Medical Center in Denison Texas

Universal Health Services, Inc.


Partnering with and providing architectural signage services for one of the largest and most respected hospital management companies in the nation has its challenges. UHS currently operates more than 240 acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities, and ambulatory centers across the country. UHS sought the services of an architectural sign company that provided exceptional product and service, design, wayfinding, and planning services, and had extensive experience collaborating with allied trades. It was of paramount importance that signage was delivered on time, under budget, and met the needs of diverse projects located throughout the country.


Though every national account has its unique challenges, our goals for every project remain the same - to provide the best service and implement the strongest signage system within the client’s budget while making the process as efficient for the client as possible. Our design/build model is well aligned with UHS’s lean project delivery model. Both models emphasize high-quality, high-performing and efficient project delivery systems. The key is collaboration. UHS, like Poblocki, values working in a team-oriented manner to develop the most efficient and effective delivery process for the project. This integrated process greatly reduces the time and energy required of the team and of our clients, while achieving high quality results.


The synergy between UHS and Poblocki helped to ensure the successful execution of many UHS projects across the country. Our team, in tandem with UHS, continues to utilize this model today while constantly improving and adjusting to ever-changing market conditions.

“Poblocki has been an integral part of our successful project teams across the country. Their willingness to collaborate and find solutions to problems as well as understanding customer value has earned them our preferred signage service vendor on all of our projects.” - Tim Ott- Asst. Director of Project Management, UHS

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