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Warner Theatre

Milwaukee, WI

Poblocki Sign Company was asked to renovate the historical theater signage of the Warner Theatre for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s new performance venue. The historical theater was to be renovated and expanded combining new architecture with the old.

Poblocki Sign Company got its start in 1932 building theater signage. Our business has come full circle as we renovate historical signage from those glory days and incorporate new technology that enhances the look and functionality.

Watch the historic Warner Theatre blade and marquee sign light up the city.

The Challenge

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) needed a new venue and after 20 years of searching bought the vacant Warner Theatre property on Wisconsin Avenue. They embarked on an ambitious historical renovation project of the theater with architect Kahler Slater and general contractor C.D. Smith Construction. Poblocki Sign Company was asked to restore/build the theater blade sign and marquee.


Working with Kahler Slater and MacRostie Historic Advisors, our team spent hours in the City archives searching for old black and white photos of the original theatre. We pooled our resources to determine as accurately as possible things like color, bulb style and spacing as well as the pattern of the stain glass element. Our skilled craftsman tenderly restored and recreated the signage to deliver an outstanding result. Our team also created new interior wayfinding and ADA signage to guide guests through both the renovated portion of the theatre and the new addition.


Poblocki combined the historic preservation with new LED technology and clean modern elements like the digital displays to blend the best of the past with the MSO’s plans for the future and created an iconic landmark.

51' 9"

Height of Blade Sign

13,235 lbs

Weight of Blade Sign


# of LED Bulbs in Blade Sign


# of LED Bulbs in Blade, Marquee and Soffit