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The Skating Club of Boston

Norwood, MA

Poblocki was asked to work with Northstar, LLM Design and The Skating Club of Boston to provide interior, exterior, wayfinding, branding, donor and large scale graphics for a new state-of-the-art three-rink center that will redefine figure skating in New England.

It is an Olympic arena, is the third oldest skating club in the country and is a founding member of U.S. Figure Skating.

Get a view of the exterior signage at The Skating Club of Boston.

Skating Club of Boston signage

The Challenge

The Skating Club of Boston wanted impactful branding and a cohesive sign package for their new location. Being an Olympic training center, their expectations were elevated as they would attract skaters on an international level.


Poblocki utilized resources from multiple business units to achieve their goals. For the exterior, we engineered and fabricated a large 11’ x 11’ logo that was installed on a glass curtain wall. This required extensive coordination with the GC, curtain wall manufacturer and designer on this logo. We also worked on all exterior wayfinding, including one very large entry monument. For the interior, we worked with the design team and Skating Club on large-scale graphics, interior wayfinding, donor wall & ADA signage. The 140’ history wall was particularly detailed and precise due to all the individual components which include 25 total panels that are z-clip hung to the wall as well as six glossary panels.


The Skating Club of Boston was thrilled with all the signage work and asked us to do additional projects outside the original scope of the project.


Height and Width of Logo on Glass Wall


Length of History Wall


Number of Years of Skating Excellence at the Club


Number of B&W Images on History Wall