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MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital

Charleston, SC

Poblocki Sign Company was originally contracted with Robins & Morton for the signage package at MUSC Health in Charleston, SC. Later, MUSC contracted with us directly for the complex exterior building signage package that was decided after the building was constructed.

The project was awarded January 2019 and was completed May 2021. Architect/Engineer: Perkins + Will and Mcmillan | Pazdan | Smith

Watch illuminated signage come to life for MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital

MUSC Childrens17

The Challenge

The exterior construction of the hospital was completed without any blocking or attachment points installed for the signage located on each side and curtainwall elevation. All of the signage work was required to be done with no interruptions to the active hospital and in the midst of the pandemic. Many safety measures were also in place which needed to coincide with the emergency helicopter taking off or landing at minutes notice.




The Poblocki team engineered a solution for both the brick elevations and the glass curtainwall. On the side elevations we had to remove specific portions of the brick exterior, install custom engineered brackets, and then replace the bricks that were removed. On the glass curtainwall in order to allow for the proper attachments to be installed/welded to support the signage, we had to remove large sections of glass and manufacture new sections that contained 5 ¾” holes which allowed access for the custom engineered brackets. This required a tremendous amount of collaboration and coordination with the owner, masonry supplier and glass company. For context, over 550 bricks needed to be removed on each elevation, 39 support brackets installed, bricks re-installed, and all attachment points correctly aligned for signage installation. On the curtainwall elevation 14 large sections of glass needed to be removed and replaced with 24 specific holes located differently on each piece so that custom brackets could be inserted and welded to the curtain wall.


Outstanding signage for the hospital is visible from a long distance in both day and night offering strong branding of the children’s hospital to the Charleston area.


Bricks Removed and Replaced


Custom Engineered Support Brackets Installed


Width of Swing Stage


Disruptions in Active Hospital During Pandemic