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Chicago History Museum History Trail

Chicago, IL

Working with Chicago Scenic Studios, Featherstone and the Chicago History Museum, Poblocki Sign Company LLC fabricated and installed a monument sign marking the beginning of the Richard M. and Shirley H. Jaffee History Trail at the park adjacent to the Chicago History Museum. The Chicago History illuminated monument sign is located in Lincoln Park at the corner of Clark and LaSalle, which is the fifth busiest intersection in downtown Chicago.

The sign highlights the new sculpture display paying tribute to the strength of the city and resolve of the people after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which destroyed 17,500 buildings and 73 miles of street. Ninety thousand people—one in three Chicago residents—were left homeless by the fire and 300 people lost their lives. The sculpture is a fire relic mounted as the centerpiece on a concrete display.

Take a deeper dive into the installation of the monument sign at the Chicago History Museum.

Chicago History Museum monument sign

The Challenge

The Chicago History Museum embarked on a multifaceted park beautification project including renovations to their plaza and construction of the Richard M. and Shirley H. Jaffee History Trail. The signage would be on a highly visible corner in Lincoln Park of downtown Chicago and would be the lead in to the Great Fire relic mounted as a tribute to the strength of the city and its residents. The city flag is uniquely represented in rings mounted to the end of the illuminated monument.


The aluminum sign cabinet was mounted to a masonry wall with limestone cladding and etched copy. The graphics are push-thru flush and illuminated with 5000K white LEDs.


The impressive sign is highly visible day or night drawing attention to the newly dedicated historical walking trail and the Chicago History Museum.

13'-8 1/2"

Length of sign


Height of sign


White LED lighting


Years since the Great Chicago Fire