Chad Engstrom joined Poblocki Sign Company as the Digital Media Branding Specialist in December 2016. He is championing efforts in the digital display marketplace to present signage solutions that enhance branding and the customer experience.

Engstrom has 17 years in the sign industry in sales and branding. He has a reputation for being at the forefront of any conversation related to the strategic direction of signage and is known for his fresh and achievable ideas.

Poblocki offers interior and exterior signage as well as wayfinding and directional signage. Historically the signs were multi-dimensional with a singular name or message. With digital signage in LED and LCD displays, signage is changeable on the fly to deliver different messages at different times. The impact of this capability dramatically increases the return on investment, or as measured digitally, return on objective.

“Each market that we serve has unique challenges, many of which evolve around getting and keeping the customers’ attention. Attention spans are shorter, expectations are higher and signage is expected to deliver more today.” said John Lerand, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Chad’s digital focus, we have just raised the bar on what can be expected from Poblocki for innovative sign solutions.”