On social media, we started the story –

If you’re following #TimberTrends, you know that using timber has a lower net environmental impact than other building materials. Timber also looks great in the day and night versions of this reverse illuminated aluminum sign for North River Church in Pembroke, MA.

Now the Backstory

We love drawing parallels from other areas of life. We love making signs. Our people are creative and tenacious and enjoy figuring out the “difficult stuff.”

Something Different

Our customer, North River Church in Pembroke, MA, wanted something different.

That request set our synapses firing.

What could we do to meet that request and exceed their expectations?

We ended up using treated timber railroad ties. Fun fact: our production manager got the railroad ties from a friend.

This was a difficult sign to plan out concerning fabrication and installation. Each one of the timbers weighs a few hundred pounds so we couldn’t build it in one piece. Each timber went on separately.

The biggest concern was how to mount it. We ended up embedding 2 posts into the concrete base and then core drilling holes into each timber. This wasn’t easy because the treated timbers are very dense. Our production team went through several core drill bits by the time they were done.

The contrast of the horizontal grain satin aluminum logo and letters against the roughness of the timbers visually provides the right image for North River Church. In faith people are broken and reborn, made new from old, at this church people from all backgrounds can coexist harmoniously.

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