Content Policy

  1. In order to maintain a professional and consistently valuable community, we have established the following rules and guidelines for participation in the Sign Lab community.
  2. Participation in the Sign Lab requires a valid email address or LinkedIn account. Accounts with invalid, fraudulent, or falsified email address or LinkedIn account will be deleted.
  3. Sign Lab accounts must represent an individual. Accounts representing a brand, company, organization, or any entity other than a human being will be removed.
  4. There will only be one user per account and one account per user. Sharing of accounts is prohibited and individuals may not establish or contribute on more than one account.
  5. All posts must be professional and courteous. Flaming, defaming, name calling, inappropriate language, and any conduct outside of how you would interact with your parents or children is subject to removal. Repeated misconduct will result in account deletion.
  6. Posts which are solicitations only and do not directly add value to the community will be removed. This is not a place to promote your product or service. Repeated violations will result in account deletion.
  7. To ensure everyone may get value from your content and participate in discussion, posts will be written in English only. Non-english posts will be removed.
  8. Comments must remain on-topic to their parent posts. Off-topic posts may be removed at the moderator’s discretion. Repeated off-topic posting may result in account deletion.
  9. Contributors will respect confidentiality of their employers and other companies and will not post confidential information or trade secrets to the community. Reports of intellectual property violations will result in a no-questions-asked take-down of the content.
  10. Poblocki Sign Company and those who Poblocki Sign Company have designated as moderators of this community have the final say on what is and what is not acceptable use or content within the Sign Lab community and to interpret these guidelines as they see as the best interest of the community and may take down content and suspend accounts as required to enforce these guidelines.

This policy was last updated on April, 2017.