Meet the Poblocki Team

We are creative problem solvers who love a challenge, and are committed to a collaborative customer centric approach to custom signage. Meet our teammates!


Sales Leader Bill Galligan in Medway Massachusetts

Bill Galligan

Boston, MA

In Bill’s personal time he can be found spending quality time with his wife and two daughters, being an involved member and leader at his church or training in mixed martial arts and catch wrestling.

Sales Consultant Blair Benes in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Blair Benes

Milwaukee, WI

Blair’s personal interests include golfing, live music and hiking.

Senior Sales Consultant Brian Lorentzen in Tampa Florida

Brian Lorentzen

Tampa, FL

Brian likes to spend his free time with his wife, son and two daughters tailgating and enjoying the college football season. He also enjoys geocaching, wreck diving and competitive eating.

Senior Sales Consultant Brier Gay in Greensboro North Carolina

Brier Gay

Charlotte, NC

A graduate of Appalachian State University, in his spare time Brier likes cycling and camping.

Vice President of Strategic Accounts Chuck Amundsen in Miinneapolis Minnesota

Chuck Amundsen

Minneapolis, MN

His outside interests include biking, basketball, tennis, and one grandchild.

Senior Sales Consultant Dan Schumann in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dan Schumann

Milwaukee, WI

Dan has been married to Theresa for 32 years, has 6 children, enjoys singing in a choir and is a wealth of historical knowledge.

Senior Sales Consultant Dawn Reinhart in Chicago Illinois

Dawn Reinhart

Chicago, IL

In her spare time, Dawn loves cycling with her husband, Bruce. Over the past 5 years, she ran the Chicago Marathon twice. She also enjoys golfing, and cooking for family and friends.

Senior Sales Consultant Gary Bolduc in Medway Massachusetts

Gary Bolduc

Boston, MA

Gary’s personal interests include bike riding, working outside and coaching his son’s sports teams. He is also active in his daughter’s and wife’s activities.

Senior Sales Consultant Gary Simko in Orlando Florida

Gary Simko

Orlando, FL

Gary's interests are home renos, cooking and spending time at the beach (with his beautiful wife of 38 years)!

Senior Sales Consultant Jamie Stanley in Charleston South Carolina

Jamie Stanley

Charleston, SC

Jamie’s personal interests include soccer, backyard grilling, going to the beach, and spending quality time with her family.

Senior Sales Consultant Jeremy Mertz in Grand Rapids Michigan

Jeremy Mertz

Grand Rapids, MI

Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife and children boating in the summer, hunting in the fall and skiing in the winter.

Senior Sales Consultant Jim Pacioni in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Jim Pacioni

Milwaukee, WI

In his free-time, he likes to play golf and softball, volunteer and spend time with family and friends.

Senior Sales Consultant Katie Conroy in Chicago Illinois

Katie Conroy

Chicago, IL

In her free time, Katie loves to attend music festivals in the summer, travel and spend time with her family.

Sales Consultant Lindsay Hodges in Medway Massachusetts

Lindsay Hodges

Boston, MA

In her spare time, you can catch Lindsay on the Cape Cod Canal looking for her next Striped Bass. She also enjoys Largemouth Bass fishing and trying to find the next hidden-gem restaurant.

Sales Consultant Lisa Robbins in Medway Massachusetts

Lisa Robbins

Boston, MA

Lisa’s personal interests include art galleries on the weekends, walking, marathons, spending quality time with her family.

Senior Sales Consultant Luke Minton in Orlando Florida

Luke Minton

Orlando, FL

Luke’s interests include soccer and beach weekends with his wife and 2 children.

Senior Sales Consultant Matt Kaminski in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Matt Kaminski

Milwaukee, WI

Matt’s personal interests include wrestling, hunting, and spending time with family on their hobby farm.

Seniors Sales Consultant Mike Kinsella in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Mike Kinsella

Milwaukee, WI

In his free time, Mike enjoys golfing, working out, spending time with his friends & family, and working with his new golden lab puppy named King Raynor.

Sales Consultant Pat Ross in Medway Massachusetts

Pat Ross

Boston, MA

In her free time she enjoys doing outdoor activities and spending time with her family.

Senior sales consultant Paul Kaminski in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Paul Kaminski

Milwaukee, WI

Paul’s personal interests include camping, hunting, swimming, tractors, wood cutting, dogs, and spending quality time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Sales Consultant Rad Jordan in Morrisville North Carolina

Rad Jordan

Raleigh, NC

He loves spending time with his wife and 2 year-old son camping, fishing, and anything outdoors. Rad and his wife serve in the kids ministry and as small group leaders at their local church.

Director of Design/Build Services Randy Goodfred in Morrisville North Carolina

Randy Goodfred

Raleigh, NC

When away from work, Randy spends his time reading, running and working with his hands on home projects.

Senior Sales Consultant Sarah Horton in Medway Massachusetts

Sarah Horton

Boston, MA

Sarah’s personal interests include interior design, travelling, exercising and you will find her at the beach every weekend in the summer.

Senior Sales Consultant Scott Dennis in Morrisville North Carolina

Scott Dennis

Raleigh, NC

Scott’s personal interests include skateboarding, ultimate frisbee, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Project Management

Project Manager Adrienne Pettigrew in Morrisville North Carolina

Adrienne Pettigrew

Raleigh, NC

Adrienne enjoys reading, going to the movies, and shopping.

Director of Project Services Southeast Chris Dilday in Morrisville North Carolina

Chris Dilday

Raleigh, NC

Chris’ personal interests include Japanese history & culture, as well as reading and military history.

Project Manager David Asher in Morrisville North Carolina

David Asher

Raleigh, NC

David's interests are kayaking, camping, adventures with his dogs and traveling. So far 30 countries and counting!

Project Manager Diana MacNeil in Medway Massachusetts

Diana MacNeil

Boston, MA

In her free time she likes spending time at the beach, working out at the gym, watching the Patriots, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.

Project Manager Dustin Wengert in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dustin Wengert

Milwaukee, WI

Dustin’s personal interests include miniature wargaming, board gaming, and spending time with his family.

Project Manager Emmett Burson in Medway Massachusetts

Emmett Burson

Boston, MA

Emmett’s personal interests include property management and cooking.

Project Manager Greg Slimko in Medway Massachusetts

Greg Slimko

Boston, MA

When not working, Greg loves to sail his 34’ Morgan sailboat, renovate his lake-home with his partner, spend time with family and friends and travel.

Project Manager Indhie Georges in Medway Massachusetts

Indhie Georges

Boston, MA

Indhie loves trying new foods from around the world, sketching and reading, yoga 5 days a week, meditating and having fun being a first-time mom to her little boy.

Project Manager Jason Barthe in Medway Massachusetts

Jason Barthe

Boston, MA

His interests include playing guitar, mountain biking and backwoods snowboarding.

Project Manager Jason Toussaint in Morrisville North Carolina

Jason Toussaint

Raleigh, NC

Jason enjoys exercising, kayaking, camping, and planning busy weekends with his wife and two daughters.

Project Manager Jay Linderman Morrisville North Carolina

Jay Linderman

Raleigh, NC

Jay enjoys woodworking, 3 second handshakes and bacon.

Project Manager Julie Banach in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Julie Banach

Milwaukee, WI

Julie’s interests include fitness, her flag football team, cooking and crafting.

Project Manager Julie Rettko in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Julie Rettko

Milwaukee, WI

Julie’s personal interests include interior design, fitness (Level 1 SPIN instructor), and being a Wisconsin sports Fan - Packers, Bucks, Brewers and Badgers.

Project Manager and Reorder Specialist Katie Wharton in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Katie Wharton

Milwaukee, WI

In her spare time, Katie enjoys the outdoors, photography, and spending time with her family.

Project Manager Kyle Kanoy in Morrisville North Carolina

Kyle Kanoy

Raleigh, NC

Kyle’s personal interests include watching & attending sporting events (Go Tarheels!), hanging out with his wife and babies (aka boxer pups) and enjoying warm weather as much as possible.

Project Manager Lindsey Mickelson in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Lindsey Mickelson

Milwaukee, WI

Lindsey’s personal interests include spending time at the gym and enjoying Zumba classes.

Project Manager Machelle Janicek in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Machele Janicek

Milwaukee, WI

Machele’s personal interests include spending quality time with family, traveling and simply appreciating being outdoors gardening, hiking or perhaps identifying a new bird call.

Project Manager Melissa Beda in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Melissa Beda

Milwaukee, WI

Outside of work, Melissa enjoys traveling with her family and attending sporting events.

Project Manager Michael Herbert in Medway Masschusetts

Michael Hebert

Boston, MA

He enjoys riding motorcycles and teaching Martial Arts.

Project Manager Miriam Sua in Morrisville North Carolina

Miriam Sua

Raleigh, NC

Miriam is the Chairwoman of the Cary Crime Stoppers organization in her town and volunteers also for the Citizens Assisting Police making Child I.D.s for local parents. She also enjoys rock climbing and singing in her spare time.

Project Manager Thi Xaymanivong in Medway Massachusetts

Thi Xaymanivong

Boston, MA

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going to the beach and traveling.

Project Manager Vito Parente in MIlwaukee Wisconsin

Vito Parente

Milwaukee, WI

Vito loves spending time outdoors, whether it is fishing, camping or playing a variety of sports. He is also trying to instill the same love into his young children.

Project Manager Whitney Lauric in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Whitney Lauric

Milwaukee, WI

Whitney enjoys international travel, long-distance road-trips with her family, and home construction projects—after a hot breakfast.


People and Culture Leader Amanda King in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Amanda King

Milwaukee, WI

In her free time, Amanda has run half-marathons, which was the best training for keeping up with her toddler.

President and CEO Brian Johnson in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Brian Johnson

Milwaukee, WI

Brian has a passion for youth sports, is a baseball enthusiast, and a high school coach. He recently began winemaking.

Leader of Information Services Chris Beacom in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Chris Beacom

Milwaukee, WI

A sports enthusiast, Chris enjoys coaching fastpitch softball, watching local sports teams and participating in fantasy sports. He also relaxes with family and friends at movies and concerts.

Director of Project Services John Gravunder in Milwaukee Wisconsin

John Gravunder

Milwaukee, WI

John enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids who are active in soccer, baseball, basketball and golf. He is also an avid golfer and enjoys photography and travel.

VP Sales and Marketing John Lerand in Milwaukee Wisconsin

John Lerand

Milwaukee, WI

Personal interests include cycling, golf, outdoor activities, great food, and all things “Badger”.

Operations Leader Midwest Exterior Justin Stuebs in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Justin Stuebs

Milwaukee, WI

Justin’s personal interests include weight training and fitness, home remodeling and wood working.

VP Kevin Madrzykowski in Charlotte North Carolina

Kevin Madrzykowski

Charlotte, NC

Kevin has a passion for golf, and spending time with his wife and 2 daughters. He enjoys watching the girls' activities, and traveling with the family.

Operatons Leader - Southeast Lee Dawson in Morrisville North Carolina

Lee Dawson

Raleigh, NC

Lee’s personal interests include attending auto racing events and spending time at the gym to begin his day.

Operations Leader Northeast Michael Luccio in Medway Massachusetts

Michael Luccio

Boston, MA

Michael’s personal interests include drums & percussion, recording, horseshoes, hockey & golf. The jury is still out on the golf thing. He is also a bit of a restaurant snob and loves good food.

CFO Rich Wachter in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Rich Wachter

Milwaukee, WI

Rich is a huge sports fan focusing on football and is a Packer season ticket holder. He spends most of his spare time with his wife and two teenage children.

Operations Leader - Midwest Interior Shawn Stubing in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Shawn Stubing

Milwaukee, WI

In his free time, Shawn enjoy fishing, boating, cross-fit, and craft beer.